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“There cannot be a more dedicated professional in the organizing profession. The compassion and emotional investment Rachel puts in to all of her clients is amazing. She is as patient and empathetic as she is knowledgeable and talented. I have not a single hesitation to recommend her to family and friends or anyone else who is in need of her expertise.”
– Jaime Radovic, Queens, NY

“Warm, skilled, creative, and reliable is the best way to describe Rachel. I had accumulated excess over the 40 years of living in our home and needed support and guidance in what household items and clothes to give away. In addition, she helped me organize my home office and to arrange books and photo albums on my shelves in a way that made them feel like new. I am thrilled with having the space and order which allows me to function more efficiently. Rachel’s creative, patient approach is truly a gift for anyone lucky enough to work with her.”
– Marcy Balter, Kripalu Board Chair, Weston, MA
“In 2006, Rachel re-organized my new kitchen. It’s not a big kitchen, it’s a condo kitchen, so organization is key. I love to cook and I have a lot of cooking “stuff” I use frequently. It is so easy to create clutter and chaos and, as a result, not to be able easily to locate a critical item. Rachel arrived and did such an incredible job organizing everything, according to use, function and frequency. I think the most fabulous part is what she did with that dreaded kitchen drawer. You know the one – with all the storage containers and lids. The one you must riffle through to finally find a perfect bottom/top match. The annoying drawer! With the “Rachel System,” lids and bottoms are easy to find and match, as is everything else in my post-Rachel kitchen! Rachel did an amazing job – turning my kitchen chaos into neat, flawless organization. I have never, changed or deviated from her organization. It is perfection!!!
Thanks again and again , Rachel!”
– P. Kaufman, Atlantic City, NJ
“Rachel possesses an astonishing ability to render the impossible possible, tackling the most daunting of tasks and hardened conditioning with delight, confidence and panache. She has performed her magic with a family elder whose life has been miraculously restored by her care. Kindness, order and wisdom are Rachel’s tool kit. Love is her aim.”
– Barbi Schulick, Brattleboro, VT
“Rachel has provided tender loving care to my Mom and fulfilled her greatest wish in her golden years, to remain in her home. Rachel was able to take a very chaotic and unsafe home environment and transform it into a highly organized and structured quality setting. She adapted the environment to my Mom’s care needs and also created a fun and lively setting for her to enjoy.She is an amazing team player both with our family and the other caregivers.She is extremely flexible, caring and always available when we need her. As we live out of state, Rachel’s coordination of care has provided peace of mind that our Mom is always in good hands. Rachel – My Mom and our family are truly blessed to have found you.
Keep up the great work!!!!!”
– Susie Schulick Rayasa/ Pramod Rayasa, Queens, NY
“Rachel first came into our lives in 2012 in an effort to help my mother address the significant disarray in her home. She had had a stroke, and her home sadly reflected years of emotional and physical decline. My efforts to help my mother resulted in tension and distress for all concerned. Rachel was able to establish a caring, trusting relationship with my mother, which enabled her to begin to help my mother. My mother, like many people who are losing their grip, had major issues regarding control. Rachel and my mother had a running joke that “I’m the boss, and you’re the chief.” In almost no time, Rachel was able to bring the home back to the beautiful showplace it had once been, and my mother was able to revel in her once again artful environment. We then tasked Rachel with organizing and coordinating my mother’s weekly routines, which involve among other things physician appointments, medication, and with my mother’s increasing debility more household help. When a problem presents, Rachel takes it on without having to be asked, which has removed a heavy burden from my shoulders. I have entire peace of mind knowing she is available. She has a “can do” attitude, is immensely capable, and her clinical training as a social worker along with her personal flexibility has enabled her to handle the challenges of dealing with an aging woman of some psychological complexity, as well as the staff she supports in my mother’s home. Most of all she has a huge heart. My mother has thrived in response to her genuine kindness. She has changed my mother’s life from one of stress and anxiety to one of calm and peace in these final years. She has changed mine as well. I am forever grateful. ”
– Joan Schulick, Queens, NY
“I must say Rachel Sager is an outstanding Professional Organizer.  I have worked with her on several projects and I am always impressed on how well she functions in her environment.  The care and compassion she exhibits while working with her clients is simply amazing. A wonderful person to have around if you’re in need of someone to assist you with structure, organizing or you just need a helping hand.  Rachel has the type of smile that can light up a room.  She truly is one of a Kind!”
– Jimmy Berrios, Owner B2B Cleaning Services, Yonkers, NY
“As I walk through my organized apartment, I am amazed at how great I feel! Such a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! Rachel was patient and knew exactly how to handle my chaotic piles and bundles. I cannot recommend RESTART with Rachel enough! It’s been a life saver for me. Clearing the clutter is really a RESTART for your life!”
– Kinah R. – Riverdale, NY
“After hearing about RESTART with Rachel, I contacted Rachel to learn more and ask for her help. I’m in a business that requires prompt decision-making and organization. When we met, Rachel asked many questions and after a few meetings she designed a strategy which allowed me to get information quickly and eliminated desk clutter. As a result, I am organized and more efficient. I would not hesitate in utilizing her services.”
Michael D., Westchester, NY