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Whether it’s that never-ending pile of papers on your desk (or anywhere else in your home/office!), an overflowing closet filled with outdated, untouched clothing, or that storage space that’s bursting at it’s seams…..Rachel to the rescue! I can help you sort through, organize and control all that clutter.

    Rooms I address include, but aren’t limited to, the following:
  • Bedrooms
  • Closets
  • Family rooms
  • Offices – in and out of the home
  • Kitchens
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Garages


Having to move from one home to another, can be a very emotional and overwhelming process….which is why I prefer to call it “RIGHT”sizing. When you’re able to positively envision the end result as the RIGHT fit for your situation at that time in your life, the process becomes uplifting.

    I can help with your pre-move needs:
  • De-cluttering and purging
  • Discarding the unwanted stuff with access to resources for donating, recycling, consignment, etc.
  • Recommendations to qualified moving companies
  • On-site management of movers and packing
  • De-activation or transfer of home/office utilities and service (cable/phone/internet, power, security systems, etc.)
  • Oversight of all moving day activities to new location
And don’t worry, because I won’t leave you hanging! I’m there to help on the other end with things such as:
  • Unpacking your boxes and removal of packing materials
  • Space planning and set up – of rooms, of TVs, of phone systems…of all your things!
  • Activation or transfer of home/office utilities and services
  • Implementation of personalized, custom organizational systems to maximize your living and storage areas


Has getting organized been a challenge for most of your adult life?
Does being disorganized negatively affect your life in some way every day?
Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to get organized on your own?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you’re most likely struggling with chronic disorganization. Chronic disorganization is an expression of the bad fit between conventional organizing practices and unconventional learners. My background as a clinical therapist and ICD certification as a Specialist in Chronic Disorganization has equipped me with the proper tools to help you navigate these challenges. During our work together, I will reinforce a positive sense of safety and security for change and provide an objective, sensitive and trusting work environment.


More often these days, Seniors are looking to age in place – to be able to live in their own home safely, independently, and comfortably. This concept can be anxiety-provoking for family members, who feel their loved ones may be better suited for an out-of-home residence. Not always the case! In order for Seniors to enjoy their years without having to move, effective systems and routines MUST be created and implemented. My professional experience in residential care, both as a Direct Care worker and as an Administrator, as well as my strong affinity for working with this population, has equipped me with the tools to make aging in place a seamless and exciting process for Seniors and their families.

    I’m an expert in the following areas:
  • Conducting safety assessments and implementing appropriate physical organization of the home according to the Senior’s specified needs
  • Medication management and overall medical care coordination
  • Coordination of household needs for overall maintenance
  • Understanding the clinical implications of dementia and the specialized needs Seniors have when struggling with the onset
  • Implementation of systems to support memory loss and maintain overall safety
  • And the list goes on…..


I like to call these services “Out of the Box Organizing”….they don’t seem like your typical areas of organizational need, but these areas also affect our personal productivity and peace of mind. Both my professional background and personal experiences have provided me with the skills to help you here:

  • Counseling for Life Issues – Situational life circumstances may have gotten you stuck in areas other than your environmental disorganization. Let’s talk it out!
  • Organizational Consulting – Your small business may lack streamlined systems and professional protocols, leading to unmotivated and unproductive staff members. Let me help you light that fire!
  • Training Specialist – Is your business or organization in need of an expert in effective communication, constructive feedback or team building? Look no further…here I am!
  • Workshop Presenter – I’m a knowledgeable, engaging and energetic writer and presenter who can develop any workshop specific to your needs…just give a call!
  • Travel Preparation – Even the most organized person may find booking and packing for a trip overwhelming and time consuming. Let me take this task off your hands!